Meet Maureen McCauley

‚ÄčIn advertising, genius is contagious. The truth, biological. And most consumers are simply seeking the promise of an experience.

For the past 25 years in advertising, I've been surrounded by thinkers, doers and creatives I consider to border on genius. I learned how to do great work by watching how great work gets done. From initial spark to final production, I've been a part of the thousands of decisions in between that either makes the work memorable or pushes it off a cliff. 

Consumers are human therefore the ideas that resonate with them have to be too. Humor, emotion, universal truths and personal ones all contribute to making great advertising. But so can a conversation over a cup of coffee. 

It's this approach that's helped me define such brands as Comcast, WEtv, Temple Health, IKEA, Jefferson Health,  Penn Medicine, QVC, iVillage, The History Channel, KY Brands,The Weather Channel, National Geographic, Acme Markets and many more. 

So let's have a conversation. We can talk about your needs and begin to craft communications that are not just memorable, they're contagious.

McCauley Creative